Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another free .Net dev tool. Free!

I love it when I get free stuff.

Today's must have VS2008 plug-in is PostSharp
Its a plug-in that enables you to implement AOP (aspect-oriented programming)

What does that mean? How about this:

  • Custom Attribute That Trace Entry and Exit
  • Custom Attribute That Makes the Method Asynchronous
  • Custom Attribute That Dispatches the Method to the GUI Thread
  • Custom Attributes That Handles Exceptions
  • Custom Attribute That Caches
And, loads of other neat stuff.

This goes in the must have toolkit along with GhostDoc and ReSharper.

(OK, ReSharper isn't free, but its the best £150 you'll spend. Well, maybe not the best, I mean, £150 also buys you
  • an hour in a Diamond Star,
  • half an hour with Madame Levoisier of Mayfair*,
  • a bottle of Krug and a Montechristo #2,
  • A meal for two at The Fat Duck, but only if you share (!!!)

but, you get the idea. :) )

*Not that I'd know, I'm just surmising

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