Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dogs, Stables, Mud and WPF

This weeks news (in no particular order):

I have built a second internal stable in the barn, so now, just in time for winter, all the horses are able to be in overnight. Result.

The dogs have also turned their enclosure into something approaching a Somme battlefield, so they have had a smaller enclosure built holding them on the bricked area outside the stables - result there being 1) they no longer are covered in mud and 2) they can't see the dairy farmer next door so we don't get woken up by their barks at 06:30 :)

The Dogs of Passchendaele

On the IT front, work continues on NTP: It now supports Hang Seng data feeds and I have junked the UoW multithreading on the ADVFN feed as it caused all sorts of issues with DDE.

I'm writing a WPF client to connect to the data feed service and for a laugh I'm making sure its MVVM compliant - oh the joy.

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