Monday, 21 June 2010

A Good Weekend

Eh, its been a while.

A good weekend was had by this Young Turk.
Saturday turned up at Tattenhill and went for an hour's refresher with an instructor in a PA28, then 1hr 20 with the examiner. Passed. W00t!!1!. So now got me wings back for another 2 years.

Sunday, sailing! Went for a jolly zoom around in a Laser Pico, sorta almost small ennought to be classed a bath toy, but nonetheless good clean fun. Ahem.

What else is new? Well, still in Glasgow, still working hard, contract coming up for renewal so who knows what next, the markets still pretty depressed rate-wise so I'd like an extension... let us see.

Still no further with NTP, various issues with servers and dev tool livences are being worked out as I type, so hopefully by next week I will be the proud owner of a 6 core Phenom running 4 VMs under ESXi. Watch this space.

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