Sunday, 25 July 2010


... or as a thesp would say; 'resting between contracts'

Unfortunate that the project I was working on in Glasgow was canned. Ah well. That's life (for contractors). I had 2 interviews on Monday and 3 on Tuesday and 4 firm offers on Friday; following a lot of horse trading I've rejected two, and accepted one, pending background checks (it's for another Investment Bank).

I'm holding the last in backup pending disasters around the credit score/ criminal record front. Not that I have a criminal record or CCJs, but, don't let go of your options until the ink is drying on the contract, is what I always say.

This weekend has been filled with flying (circuit bashing to maintain currency), building a tree house for the small one, and strimming. Oh, and a cassoulet with confitted pheasant. Mmm.

Oh, and per last month's post: I now have an ESXi box with a six core Phenom and its GREAT!

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